Eating For Beauty

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Did you know that healthy eating can actually help you to look healthier? There are a number of different foods that you can eat in order to make your skin glow, your smile sparkle, and more. Getting something like a facial norfolk va is a huge help, but let’s also take a look at some of the foods that you can add to your diet (or increase your intake of) in order to give yourself that healthy glow!

Raisins. Did you know that raisins have a number of antioxidants in them, all of which help to fight all the bacteria that get into your mouth? It’s true! They can help make your smile that much bigger!

Green Tea. You’ll see that green tea gets mentioned a lot in these types of articles, and that is because green tea is known to be a “superfood.” It can help with a lot of things, but in terms of beauty, it can help to reduce the chance of developing gum disease, which results in a healthier, brighter grin.

Parsley. Even though this doesn’t make you “look better,” it does give you a benefit for your mouth and those around you. Parsley has a number of nutrients known as polyphenols, which get rid of the bacteria and other things that play into the gross breath that you can get from other foods.  Other foods that can help fight bad breath are spinach and basil.

Strawberries. If you are worried about wrinkles and crow’s feet, then you want to up your intake of strawberries (and most other berries as well). Berries have a number of nutrients, and they are known to help with hydrating your body, which reduces the chance that you will get wrinkles.

Walnuts. Even though they’re a bit fatty, walnuts have good fats that can help your joints move better, and they can give your skin a healthy glow.